Investment in Eastern Africa electricity, oil & gas, mining, infrastructure, and trade.

Mitigating risks in ¬†East Africa’s Energy & Infrastructure sectors.

Specialist issues in energy and trade arbitration.

Special panel on China – Africa Arbitration co-operation.

Guidelines for Contracting and arbitrating with governments – East Africa.

Enforcement in international investment and commercial arbitration (ICSID, NYC).

Artificial Intelligence and Arbitration – Calling on Tech Savvy East Africa to innovate for Arbitration.

Industry hardtalk : Arbitration users perspective.

A spotlight on the Next generation of Africa Arbitrators.

Dispute Resolution in the Africa Free continental trade agreement (ACFTA).

Arbitration instutions panel : Exploring synergy to promote Arbitration in Africa.

Energy Poverty a cause for Energy Disputes – East Africa’s experience.

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